Please see below our video tutorials showing how to install and configure Compound WordPress Theme. Both tutorials were recorded on fresh WordPress 3.2.1 install. You can exactly what you’ll get out of the box. We spent a lot of time tweaking lot of things to make the first install as simple as possible. Installation process and basic theme setup can be done in a couple of minutes.

Installation Process

This Video tutorial will quickly show you how to get a Compound theme up and running in just couple of minutes. Please note that you’ll need PHP5 and MySQL enabled on your hosting account.

Portfolio Set Up Process

We have developed nice and easy to use portfolio that will allow you to create unlimited number of portfolios with unlimited items. You can post there images, videos, or links. Have a look at the following video to get a better understanding how it works. Portfolio can be configured in many way, try to experiment to get the best look of your images & descriptions.


Theme can be purchased from Themeforest marketplace. Have a look at our other premium Wordpress themes as well.


We offer theme support on our support forum. Feel free to ask any questions or discuss already opened topics.


Minimalist design that perfectly fits on small screens of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Netbooks.

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