Theme Installation

Visit video tutorial: Installation Process

Importing Default Content

If you want to set default content for faster site development open compound-export.xml(file situated in base directory of Compound template) via "Tools -> Import -> Wordpress -> Upload file and import".

NOTE: for importing content use this plugin WordPress Importer.

Setting Default Options

When you activate Compound template your next step may be setting default values for options. Navigate "Admin -> Trademark" and click on "Save changes".

Set-Up Homepage

Creating Homepage

  1. Create new page
  2. Select "Homepage" template for page

  3. Navigate to: "Admin -> Settings -> Reading" and set a static front page

Custom Menu

Compound template provide one custom menu - Main Menu.

You can find menus options in "Admin -> Appearance -> Menus"

Menu Creation

Firstly navigate to: Appearance - Menus and create new menu. Then choose items like pages, categories or custom links from the left column to add to this menu.

After you have added your items, drag and drop to put them in the order you want. You can also click each item to reveal additional configuration options.

When you have finished building your custom menu, make sure you click the Save Menu button.

You can read more about Wordpress 3 menu managment here

Appearance Settings

Through these settings you can set you various images in theme, varius colors in theme ... these options are powered by color picker so you can just choose your color from palette.

Theme provide three areas with widgets - Sidebar, Inside Widget Area and Outside Widget Area.

These areas are created in Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar Widget Area. To control displaying individual widgets on pages install Widget Logic plugin.

After the plug-in is installed, a new “Widget Logic” input box is displayed in the options box of every widget you use. In this box, you can type a series of WordPress conditional tags to control where exactly the widget is displayed.

For more info visit plugin site: plugin site

Sidebar Widget Area

Sidebar with all widgets

Switched sidebar

Sidebar widget area can be switched by one widget with more button (right image) or can display all widgets (left image).

This is determined by setting - Layout (Height) in Admin -> Subpage Layout - Global Settings or it can be set up for individual page / post.

Home-page anything slider

Compound template provide anything slider on home-page. You can paste into slides images or videos from YouTube or Vimeo (simple paste the link from your browser). For image slide can be set-up top transparent image (slide images from right to left), background image (fading effect in background), description, posistion of description and various effects for every slide.


Visit the video tutorial: Portfolio Set Up Process

Theme provide build-in Portfolio for various portfolio item types - images, videos, websites. You can simply add new items to portfolio by click on Portfolio -> Add new Item from WP-Admin and then manage all items similarly like posts / pages in Wordpress.

You can in Portfolio creates your own Portfolio Categories and sort portfolio items by categories or display specify portfolio category on page / post. To manage portfolio categories click on Portfolio -> Portfolio Categories from WP-Admin.

Display Portfolio Items

You can insert your custom portfolios with our build-in buttons in wordpress editor in posts or pages. Buttons generate shortcodes into page / post content. Shortcode provide three attributes: slug, width and height. Slug is the slug of the category which you want to display. If no slug is defined that it's show all portfolio items.

[ait-portfolio slug="mixed-portfolio" width="272" height="200"]


All provided shortcodes in Compound theme can be quickly inserted into post or pages by our build-in shortcodes buttons in wordpress visual editor.

Contact Form

For contact form we used Contact form 7 plugin. If you want same contact form as we, download it and set this layout:

<label for="your-name">Name <span class="required">*</span></label>[text* your-name]

<label for="your-email">Email <span class="required">*</span></label>[email* your-email] 

<label for="your-subject">Subject</label>[text your-subject]

<label for="your-message">Message</label>[textarea your-message]

<p class="selectbox">
<label for=" slect-os">Your OS</label>[select slect-os " " "Windows XP" "Windows 7" "Apple" "Linux"]

<p class="checkbox">
[checkbox* agreement use_label_element exclusive "I agree with the terms of use of this Contact Form"]

<p class="radiobuts-horizontal">
<span class="label">Do you need Support ?</span>[radio radiobuts use_label_element "Yes" "No" "Nobody Knows"]

<p class="radiobuts-vertical">
<span class="label">Do you need Support ?</span>[radio radio-vertical use_label_element "Yes Vertical" "No Vertical" "Nobody Knows Vertical"]

<p class="clean-margin">[submit "Send Message"]</p>