Template Structure of Simplicius Simplicissimus Template

Here you can see the solutions of the template components that allows you to controll and to customise the appearance of your website. The main feature of template is high level of modifications and variations that you can set by the simple changing of several classes. You can use the unlimited variations of column or box stylised elements in variable black or white style. This feature is described in Universal Solution and Color Combinations & Codes pages.

Top Menu Description

The top menu is created by UL and LI tags designed by CSS only that allows chose and mark hover items without using the javascript. The Javascript is used for the sliding out efect of subitems only and for the support of functionality for IE 6 browsers. The subitems are designed at the most to 3-rd level.

Sidebar & Right Menu Description

Sidebar is standardly design in depending of light or dark main page style defined by class on body tag. But you can change the color of any box in sidebar by typing the white or dark class to div.sidebox.

Right menu displays static subitems of active page. If the page has no subpages the right menu will display the last level where you are. It means the right menu will be displayed in every time you browse the webpage.

The sideboxes can be used for many components you can need display in your web site. We prepared some examples of the most usefull components like Post boxes, Sidebar Gallery, Custom HTML Box and Searchbox.

You can use the sidebar column for the presentation of other services, too. It can contain several static boxes like Product Presentation or other links displayed on every page.

Sliders & Main Picture of the Page

The home or subpage contains the two great sliders in white or black style that use javascript efect to change the individual slides. These slides are simple pictures with two places for description:

1. Flexible description box in light or dark variation at the top right corner of the image

2. One row of title under the picture at the control panel in the nivo slider and one static description in the kwicks slider.

It allows you to utilise this space by any idea that will represent your business by using of simple promotion pictures. This slider you can use on Homepage and Subpage with different slides independently.

The Main Picture of the Page has the same design as slider but it has no control panel. The height of the picture can be variable by your needs. You can combine the slider/picture with some customisable boxes as you can see on Template Style Settings subpage.

Recent Links in Downbox

The recent links on the bottom of home or subpage are designed for the presentation of the most important services you provide. It is prepared in white and dark box style, too. Every one of the columns can be customised independently by many ways. You can use this place for the variable box combinations with other boxes or columns in white or black style.