Custom Background

Activating theming

Admin – Simplicius – General Options – Show themebox

You can enable theme box which provide visual feedback for custom backgrounds or color variations. This theme box remember your settings so you can check entire web without resetting theme options. Remember that setting new options for your theme via theme box are local.

Setting Background

Admin – Simplicius – General Options – Background Image

In new release of Simplicius theme we implemented setting background image in admin without editing CSS or PHP files.

Here you find seven custom background images provided by theme. Setting new background image is global on entire page.

Setting Custom Background

Admin – Simplicius – General Options – CSS Override

If you want to use your own background image you can use “CSS Override” block in admin. In “CSS Override block” put your own CSS to load background image.

html { background: url(sample_url/images/gradient_blue_sky.gif) repeat-x center top #333333; }
body { background: url(sample_url//images/blue_sky.jpg) no-repeat center top; }
div.back { background: url(sample_url//images/ornament_black.png) no-repeat center top; }